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Frequently Asked Questions

math circle is a social structure where participants engage in the depths and intricacies of mathematical thinking, propagate the culture of doing mathematics, and create knowledge. To reach these goals, participants partake in problem-solving, mathematical modeling, the practice of art, and philosophical discourse.

No. We offer all the tools and techniques for you to be successful when participating in a competition if you choose to. But, the readiness of each kid and the choice to participate is up to them

A typical session will consist of a lecture with heavy group participation followed by solving a set of problems as a group. At the end of the group solving session, all problems will be discussed in front of the class.

All students will be given a placement test before adding them to a class. Based on how they score, they will be placed under Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced class. Details on the topics given in the placement test can be found here

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